Climbing In Sardinia: 5 Best Areas + 9 Tours

Climbing In Sardinia: Overview

Sardinia has emerged as a top destination for rock climbing enthusiasts from around the globe. With its rugged landscapes and diverse geological formations, Sardinia attract both amateur and seasoned climbers.

The island’s unique position and scenic beauty not only provide challenging ascents but also stunning views that enhance the experience. Renowned for its extensive range of routes, Sardinia’s climbing spots are celebrated for their quality and variety, earning it a prestigious place in the international climbing community.

Whether seeking thrilling overhangs, technical slabs, or vast multipitch routes, climbers find Sardinia a compelling destination that combines sport with the allure of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Top Climbing Tours In Sardinia

Rio Pitrisconi and Monte Nieddu Canyoning

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Navigate the stunning Rio Pitrisconi in San Teodoro through granite landscapes of Gallura under Mount Nieddu. This adventure combines mountainous environments with refreshing summer activities like diving from up to 20 meters and natural slides. Ending with a trek through lush Mediterranean scrub, this 4-hour journey offers a thrilling escape from the usual beach day, providing a fresh perspective on Sardinia’s diverse landscapes. Suitable for beginners and children over 8, it requires swimming ability and no vertigo.

Learn more about canyoning in Rio Pitrisconi.

Cagliari Coasteering Adventure

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Experience the rugged coastline of Cagliari in an exhilarating new way. This family-friendly coasteering tour is perfect for thrill-seekers, involving swimming, climbing, ziplining, and diving along cliffs and caves. With professional guidance, explore hidden coves and enjoy spectacular Mediterranean views. Ideal for families with older children and groups looking for an adrenaline rush.

Join the Cagliari professional guided coasteering adventure.

Codula Fuili Canyoning in Cala Gonone

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Dive into the heart of Cala Gonone’s Codula Fuili, where you can explore canyons through hiking trails and abseiling up to 20 meters high. This tour concludes with a refreshing ocean swim at Cala Fuili Beach, rewarding you after the exertion. Ideal for those who love climbing and the great outdoors, it offers a unique way to witness the stunning views over the ocean.

Discover the beauty of canyoning at Codula Fuili.

Bau Mela Canyoning Adventure

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Explore the granite canyon of Bau Mela in Villagrande Strisaili, where you can enjoy a day of canyoning in Gennargentu’s majestic scenery. Featuring rope descents, natural pools, and a spectacular toboggan, this adventure is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Cap off the journey with a zip line across a large natural pool, if time permits.

Book your Bau Mela canyoning adventure here.

Ferrata Pan di Zucchero with Guide


Experience the thrill of climbing the highest rock in the Mediterranean with the Pan di Zucchero ferrata. Suitable for all skill levels, this half-day adventure does not require previous via ferrata or climbing experience. Traverse the old miners’ path, explore early 20th-century tunnels, and enjoy a unique circular path at the summit, all under the guidance of a certified mountain guide.

Explore Ferrata Pan di Zucchero with a guide.

Aguglia Goloritzè Via Lunga Multipitch

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Climbing the Aguglia di Goloritzè is a dream for many climbers. This route offers a chance to ascend a stunning limestone monolith and dive into the turquoise waters of Cala di Goloritzè. Start with a trek through scenic trails leading from the Golgo plateau to the sea and experience a rewarding climb with breathtaking views.

Discover Aguglia Goloritzè Via Lunga Multipitch.

Pedra Longa Via Lunga Multipitch

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Experience climbing on a magnificent sea-facing route at Pedra Longa, Baunei. With high-quality rock and beautiful long routes directly starting from the sea, climbers can enjoy an unparalleled view of Sardinia’s east coast. This adventure is suitable for all levels, with routes chosen based on the participants’ experience.

Join the climb at Pedra Longa Via Lunga Multipitch.

Via Lunga Multipitch Sugarloaf

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Climb Sugarloaf (Pan di Zucchero), the tallest stack in the Mediterranean, for a unique and memorable adventure. Accessible by a short raft ride, this location offers routes of various difficulties suitable for both beginners and intermediate climbers. Enjoy the challenge of a climb combined with stunning panoramic views, guided by an expert.

Experience Via Lunga Multipitch on Sugarloaf.

Climbing Day in Sardinia

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Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert, Sardinia offers breathtaking landscapes for rock climbing with a certified Alpine Guide. From your first day, experience the joy of climbing on Sardinia’s renowned compact rock formations. This personalized experience promises not just a lesson in climbing but a memorable interaction with the island’s natural beauty.

Book your Climbing Day in Sardinia.

Major Climbing Locations in Sardinia


Located near the town of Iglesias, Domusnovas is a prominent climbing destination in Sardinia, offering access to over 500 bolted routes. This area caters to a diverse range of climbers, from beginners looking for easy routes to seasoned professionals seeking challenging ascents. The variety of routes here includes everything from short sport routes to longer multi-pitch adventures, making it a versatile climbing spot suitable for all skill levels.


The Supramonte region is famed not only for its traditional and sport climbing options but also for its stunning natural scenery. This area is characterized by its rugged terrain, offering climbers a mix of high-quality limestone routes. The climbs here are known for their technical diversity and the physical challenges they present, making Supramonte a favorite among those who are looking for both a physical and scenic climbing experience. The breathtaking landscapes, featuring deep gorges and towering cliffs, provide a dramatic backdrop for climbing adventures in this part of Sardinia.


Isili is celebrated for its diverse climbing routes that cater to climbers of all expertise levels, from novices to veterans. The area is particularly renowned for its distinctive limestone rock formations, which provide a variety of challenging and unique climbing opportunities. These formations offer a wide range of routes, including technical faces and exciting overhangs that appeal to those looking to push their limits.


Baunei, situated in the Ogliastra region, is known for its iconic Punta Giradili, which is famous for its extensive multipitches that can reach formidable heights. The climbing here is made even more spectacular by its proximity to the sea, providing awe-inspiring views and a serene backdrop that greatly enhances the climbing experience. This area’s combination of technical climbs and stunning scenery makes it a standout destination in Sardinia.

Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone is renowned for its natural beauty, encapsulated by the Grotta del Bue Marino and the pristine beach of Cala Fuili. The area offers climbers a range of routes, including a spectacular 60-foot prow that features climbs graded between 5.8 and 5.10. These routes take advantage of the area’s solid limestone and offer both challenge and reward, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline. The accessibility of various beaches provides a relaxing retreat post-climb, making Cala Gonone a favorite for those who appreciate both sport and scenery.

Climbing In Sardinia: Final thoughts

Sardinia stands out as a premier climbing destination, offering a rich variety of top-notch areas that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. From the extensive bolted routes in Domusnovas to the breathtaking multipitches in Baunei/Ogliastra, and the scenic climbs in Cala Gonone, each area presents unique challenges and spectacular natural beauty. Isili’s distinctive limestone formations and Supramonte’s rugged landscapes further diversify the climbing experiences available on this enchanting island.

Sardinia also offers a remarkable blend of sport, nature, and culture. Come and experience the thrill of climbing in Sardinia’s majestic landscapes, where every ascent rewards you with more than just a view.

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