Golfo Di Orosei Guide: Best Beaches, Things To do And (+2 Accomodation Options)

The Golfo di Orosei is situated on the eastern coast of Sardinia, Italy. This stunning region is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty, encompassing rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and pristine beaches. The gulf stretches for nearly 20 miles along the Tyrrhenian Sea, offering a secluded coastal escape that is a must-visit for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Le spiagge più belle del Golfo di Orosei

Part of the Gennargentu National Park, the Golfo di Orosei is protected to preserve its diverse landscapes and ecosystems. The park covers approximately 74,000 hectares and includes the Gennargentu mountain range, ancient forests, and a variety of Mediterranean wildlife. This protected designation ensures that the area’s natural beauty remains intact, making it a perfect destination for those seeking adventure and tranquility.

The region’s unique geography has kept it largely undeveloped, providing a pristine environment where visitors can enjoy the natural scenery without the intrusion of commercial establishments. This commitment to preservation makes the Golfo di Orosei a true gem on Sardinia’s eastern coast, offering a blend of breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Best Beaches

Cala Luna

Cala Luna 6

Imagine walking along a beach of fine white sand, with the sound of waves gently lapping the shore and the scent of the sea filling the air. This is the beginning of your journey to Cala Luna, one of the most precious gems of the Golfo di Orosei. Cala Luna is a dreamlike place with extraordinary beauty that will leave you breathless. The beach combines white sand, crystal-clear waters, and imposing caves that open directly onto the beach.

Getting There

image 41

Reaching Cala Luna is an adventure in itself. You can arrive by sea, enjoying a boat trip along the coast, or opt for a hiking trail through lush Mediterranean vegetation. Both options offer breathtaking views and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the region. The caves of Cala Luna are particularly fascinating, providing a cool, shady refuge on sunny days.

Cala Sisine

Cala Sisine 4

Cala Sisine is a hidden paradise in the heart of the Golfo di Orosei, perfect for nature lovers seeking tranquility. Accessible by boat or hiking through the mountains, Cala Sisine offers a spectacular beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters. The beach’s remote location ensures a serene and uncrowded experience, ideal for a peaceful day by the sea.

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu 2

Prepare to discover Cala Mariolu, one of the most fascinating beaches in the Golfo di Orosei. Known for its unique mosaic of pink and white pebbles, Cala Mariolu offers an enchanting setting with turquoise waters and rich marine life. This beach is ideal for snorkeling, allowing visitors to explore a vibrant underwater world. The beauty and seclusion of Cala Mariolu make it a must-visit destination.

Cala Goloritzé

Cala Goloritze 5

Cala Goloritzé is one of Sardinia’s most iconic beaches and a true jewel of the Mediterranean. Declared an Italian natural monument, Cala Goloritzé features crystal-clear waters and the famous “Punta Caroddi,” a towering limestone pinnacle. This beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and climbing, offering a unique and breathtaking natural landscape.

Cala Fuili

Cala Fuili 1

Cala Fuili is one of the most accessible and charming beaches in the Golfo di Orosei. Located just outside Cala Gonone, this beach is an ideal starting point for exploring the region’s natural wonders. With its golden sand and clear waters, Cala Fuili offers a beautiful and convenient spot for relaxation and adventure.

Su Barone

Su Barone is a fascinating beach known for its sand dunes and surrounding pine forest. The dunes create a unique and captivating landscape, while the pine forest provides shade and a cool retreat during the hottest parts of the day. Su Barone is an excellent spot for walking, picnicking, and enjoying the diverse natural environment.

Cala Cartoe

Golfo di Orosei Cala Cartoe

Cala Cartoe is an ideal beach for families, featuring fine white sand and shallow, crystal-clear waters. The beach’s gentle slope and safe swimming conditions make it perfect for children. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, Cala Cartoe offers a relaxing and enjoyable environment for a family day out.

Osalla di Orosei

Golfo di Orosei Osalla

Osalla di Orosei is renowned for its long stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. The surrounding pine forest adds a touch of green to the landscape, making it an ideal place for relaxation and nature walks.

Cala Liberotto

Cala Liberotto 3

Cala Liberotto features a series of small coves with crystal-clear waters and rocky seabeds. This beach is perfect for snorkeling, offering a diverse and fascinating underwater world. Each cove has its own unique charm, making Cala Liberotto a delightful place for exploration and relaxation.

Sas Linnas Siccas

Sas Linnas Siccas is a tranquil and secluded beach with clear waters and intriguing rock formations. This beach offers a peaceful retreat, away from the crowds, and is ideal for those seeking relaxation and natural beauty.

Foghe Pizzinna

Foghe Pizzinna is a hidden gem, perfect for those seeking tranquility and privacy. This beach, with its fine sand and crystal-clear waters, offers a serene and undisturbed environment, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful day by the sea.

Outdoor Activities


image 42

The Golfo di Orosei is a hiker’s paradise, offering a range of trails that showcase the region’s stunning landscapes and historical sites.

  • Gola su Gorropu
    • The hike to the gorge can start from different points, with one popular route beginning at the Passo Genna Silana. This trail is challenging and requires a good level of fitness, but hikers are rewarded with breathtaking views of the canyon’s towering walls and the surrounding wilderness.
  • Tiscali
    • This trail leads to the ancient nuragic village of Tiscali, hidden within a sinkhole. The hike can be accessed via two main routes: from Sa Barva bridge or from the Lanaittu Valley. The trek is approximately 8 kilometers and takes about 4-5 hours round trip. The path is rocky and requires proper hiking shoes, but the destination is well worth the effort, offering a glimpse into Sardinia’s ancient past.

Water Sports

image 43

The clear, turquoise waters of the Golfo di Orosei provide perfect conditions for a variety of water sports.

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
    • Scuba diving in the Golfo di Orosei offers the chance to discover underwater caves, WWII shipwrecks, and vibrant coral reefs. Local dive centers provide equipment rentals and guided tours for divers of all levels.
  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding
    • These activities offer a unique way to explore the coastline’s hidden coves and secluded beaches. Rentals and guided tours are available from Cala Gonone, allowing visitors to paddle through the calm waters and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Boat Tours

Exploring the Golfo di Orosei by boat is one of the best ways to experience its remote beaches and dramatic coastline.

  • From Cala Gonone
    • Boat tours from Cala Gonone provide access to several beaches that are otherwise difficult to reach. Options include zodiac cruises with a skipper, sailboat cruises, or renting a personal zodiac boat for more freedom. These tours often include stops at beaches like Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, and Cala Goloritzé, as well as visits to sea caves such as Grotta del Bue Marino.
image 45

If you don’t have much time, you can also explore the Orosei Gulf with this all-rounder tour, between land and sea.

Where to Sleep in Golfo di Orosei

The Golfo di Orosei offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are some of the best options:


image 44

Hotel Nuraghe Arvu

Located in Cala Gonone, Hotel Nuraghe Arvu provides luxurious accommodations with stunning views of the gulf. The hotel features an outdoor pool, a restaurant serving local cuisine, and spacious rooms with modern amenities. It’s ideal for families and couples looking for a relaxing getaway.

Hotel Maria Rosaria

Situated in the heart of Orosei, this hotel is perfect for those who want to explore the town and its surroundings. It offers comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and easy access to the local beaches. The hotel also provides a complimentary breakfast and a restaurant serving Sardinian dishes.

Where is Golfo di Orosei?

Golfo di Orosei is located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, Italy. It is a 40-kilometer-long coastal area that stretches from Capo Comino in the north to Capo Monte Santu in the south. The gulf is characterized by a mix of sandy beaches and rocky inlets, dominated by towering limestone cliffs covered in Mediterranean vegetation and ancient forests.

How to Get There

By Air

The nearest airports to the Golfo di Orosei are:

  • Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (OLB): Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by car. This is the most convenient airport for reaching the Golfo di Orosei.
  • Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG): Located in the southern part of Sardinia, around 2.5 to 3 hours by car.
  • Alghero Fertilia Airport (AHO): Situated in the northwest, approximately 2.5 to 3 hours by car.

By Road

  • Main Routes
    • SS 125 (Orientale Sarda): This scenic road runs along the eastern coast of Sardinia and is the primary route to the Golfo di Orosei. It offers breathtaking views and is well-maintained, making it a popular choice for travelers.
  • Car or Motorbike Rentals
    • Renting a car or motorbike provides the flexibility needed to explore the region thoroughly. Rental services are available at all major airports and in larger towns.
    • Driving through the winding roads of Sardinia offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the island’s diverse landscapes, from coastal views to mountainous terrains.

Summary of Highlights

The Golfo di Orosei stands out as a premier destination in Sardinia, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and rich cultural experiences.

  • Natural Beauty: The region is renowned for its stunning coastline, featuring pristine beaches such as Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzé, and Cala Mariolu. These beaches are known for their crystal-clear waters, unique rock formations, and secluded settings, making them ideal for relaxation and exploration.
  • Outdoor Adventures: The Golfo di Orosei is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can embark on challenging hikes to places like the ancient village of Tiscali or the deep gorge of Gola su Gorropu. The clear waters provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding, allowing adventurers to discover the vibrant marine life and underwater landscapes.
  • Cultural Experiences: The region is rich in history and culture, with numerous nuragic villages such as Tiscali offering a glimpse into Sardinia’s ancient past. Historical towns like Dorgali and Baunei are perfect for experiencing traditional Sardinian crafts, cuisine, and local wines. These towns also serve as excellent bases for exploring the region’s natural and historical sites.

Overall, the Golfo di Orosei offers a diverse range of activities and experiences, ensuring that every visitor can find something to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing beach holiday, thrilling outdoor activities, or a deep dive into local culture and history, this region has it all.

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