Diving In Sardinia: 9 Best Spots + 10 Tours

Sardinia, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, emerges as a premier destination for diving enthusiasts. This Italian island, renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and vibrant marine life, offers a unique underwater experience. The diversity of dive sites caters to both novices and seasoned divers, making it an ideal location for all levels of underwater adventure.

Diving in Sardinia

Diving in Sardegna

Diving in Sardinia is not just about the activity itself; it’s an integral part of the island’s appeal and tourism. Engaging in diving here supports local businesses and promotes the conservation of marine environments. The island’s commitment to maintaining its natural beauty and ecological balance makes it a sustainable choice for diving enthusiasts. Thus, whether you are taking your first dive or looking to deepen your diving prowess, Sardinia offers a rich and rewarding underwater world that is waiting to be explored.

On this page, you’ll explore the top tours and premier diving destinations across Sardinia.

Best Diving Tours

Discover Scuba Diving in Villasimius

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Dive into the underwater world of the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area. Ideal for beginners, this experience offers a chance to breathe underwater using SCBA equipment, with a dive depth of up to 5 meters. Start with a theory session at the diving center, followed by practice in open waters from an inflatable boat.

What’s Included:

  • Snacks and beverages
  • All fees

Meeting Point:
Porto Turistico di Villasimius, Via Degli Oleandri, Villasimius, CA, Italy.

What To Expect:
Immerse in the breathtaking marine life of Capo Carbonara, encountering species like the Posidonia Oceanica, Grouper, Damselfish, and Barracuda. The experience starts with a theoretical lesson and proceeds to a real dive, perfect for those without a diving certification.

Learn more and book your scuba diving adventure in Villasimius

Scuba Diving in La Maddalena and Lavezzi Marine Protected Areas

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Join expert instructors for a scuba diving experience in the mesmerizing waters of the Maddalena Archipelago. This tour caters to all certified divers, providing a personalized experience with dedicated instructors.

What’s Included:

  • Bottled water and snacks

Meeting Point:
Pollo Diving Asd, Via Angolo Azzurro, Porto Pollo, SS, Italy.

What To Expect:
Explore the best diving spots in the archipelago, renowned for its vibrant marine life and stunning underwater landscapes. Enjoy the comfort and safety of diving with experienced PADI instructors on a boat equipped for small groups.

Explore the diving tour details and book your spot

Single Dive in the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area

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Experience the unique underwater world of Capo Carbonara with a single dive led by expert guides. Ideal for certified divers, explore different dive sites depending on conditions, showcasing the area’s rich biodiversity.

What’s Included:

  • Nitrox mix for certified divers
  • Marine protected area fee
  • Equipment rental

Meeting Point:
Subaquadive Service Diving, Porto Turistico, Via Degli Oleandri, Villasimius, CA, Italy.

What To Expect:
Dive into the clear waters of Capo Carbonara, exploring the thriving marine life and spectacular coral formations. Enjoy top-notch diving equipment and guidance from qualified instructors, ensuring a safe and enriching diving experience.

Discover more about the single dive experience in Capo Carbonara

Double Dive in the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area

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For those seeking a deeper connection with the sea, this double dive in Capo Carbonara offers an extended exploration of its marine wonders. With two dives in one day, experience more of the underwater beauty and tranquility.

What’s Included:

  • Free nitrox for certified divers
  • Marine protected area fee
  • Snacks and drinks on board

Meeting Point:
Subaquadive Service Diving, Porto Turistico, Via Degli Oleandri, Villasimius, CA, Italy.

What To Expect:
Embark on two distinct dives, exploring different areas of the marine protected zone. This tour is perfect for those looking to spend a full day immersed in the vibrant underwater life of Sardinia, accompanied by expert guides.

Book your double dive adventure in Capo Carbonara

Diving Baptism with Cylinders at the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area

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A perfect introduction to scuba diving, this baptism dive takes you up to 5 meters deep in the stunning setting of Capo Carbonara. Under the careful guidance of your personal instructor, discover the vibrant marine life and enjoy an unforgettable underwater experience.

What’s Included:

  • Use of scuba equipment
  • Snacks and bottled water

Meeting Point:
Via Degli Oleandri, Notteri, SU, Italy.

What To Expect:
Start with a brief training session before diving into the crystal-clear waters. This gentle introduction is ideal for beginners and provides a safe and exhilarating glimpse into the world of scuba diving.

Experience your first dive in the beautiful waters of Capo Carbonara


image 34

Explore the underwater beauty of the Bosa coastline with a snorkeling adventure along Capo Marrargiu. Dive into picturesque coves like Cane Malu and Cala Rapina, and explore sea grottoes while spotting colorful Mediterranean fish and local griffon vultures.

What’s Included:

  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Underwater guide

Meeting Point:
Bosa Diving Center, Ormeggio fluviale, Bosa Marina, OR, Italy.

What To Expect:
Travel along the volcanic cliffs of Capo Marrargiu on an 8m dinghy, visiting various coves and the sea caves of the promontory. Enjoy multiple stops for snorkeling in crystal clear waters, guided by expert underwater guides.

Learn more and book the BOSA TOUR Capo MARRARGIU Snorkeling excursion

Observation of Dolphins and Snorkeling in a rubber boat in Olbia

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Join a half-day snorkeling and dolphin-watching cruise from Olbia, heading to Figarolo Island, known for its bottlenose dolphins. Enjoy snorkeling in Moresca cove or around Figarolo Island with all equipment provided.

What’s Included:

  • Use of Snorkeling equipment
  • Soda/Pop
  • Practical marine species identification guides

Meeting Point:
Blue Way – Sea Excursions, Marina di Olbia, Olbia, SS, Italy.

What To Expect:
The tour offers a unique chance to see dolphins and explore the crystal-clear waters near Figarolo Island. Enjoy stops for snorkeling under the guidance of your skipper, and relax with complimentary snacks and drinks onboard.

Discover more and book your dolphin-watching and snorkeling adventure in Olbia

7-Hour Motorboat Tour of La Maddalena Archipelago

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Explore the stunning La Maddalena Archipelago on a vintage motorship, with stops at Caprera, Budelli, and Spargi. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of Spiaggia del Cavaliere and Cala Connari and view the famous Spiaggia Rosa.

What’s Included:

  • Fuel
  • Dinghy service for island transfers

Meeting Point:
Varies – Select upon booking.

What To Expect:
Sail through the beautiful archipelago, stopping at multiple islands for swimming and snorkeling. The tour includes a scenic navigation around Capo d’Orso and several stops at some of the archipelago’s most beautiful beaches.

Read more about the Motorboat Tour of La Maddalena Archipelago and book your experience

Catamaran tour FROM CANNIGIONE to the Maddalena Archipelago

image 37

Embark on a luxurious catamaran tour from Palau, visiting the islands of the Maddalena Archipelago. Enjoy swimming and diving in the crystal clear waters near Spargi and admire the Pink Beach and other stunning locations from aboard.

What’s Included:

  • Lunch
  • Bottled water and alcoholic beverages
  • Use of Scuba equipment

Meeting Point:
Subaquadive Service Diving, Porto Turistico, Villasimius, CA, Italy.

What To Expect:
A full day of sailing through the archipelago with stops for swimming and snorkeling at pristine beaches. Enjoy the onboard amenities and the breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding islands.

Learn more about the Catamaran tour from Cannigione to the Maddalena Archipelago and reserve your spot

Dinghy tour Cala Goloritze Mariolu Biriala and Grotta del Fico

Cala Goloritze Cala Mariolu Cala Biriala e Grotta del Fico Tour

This full-day cruise from Santa Maria Navarrese explores Ba

unei’s stunning coast. Visit the Grotta del Fico, dive into the turquoise waters at the Piscine di Venere, and relax on the beaches of Cala Goloritze and Cala Mariolu.

What’s Included:

  • Private transportation
  • Snorkel kits

Meeting Point:
Sardinia Natural Park Tours, Porto Turistico, Santa Maria Navarrese, NU, Italy.

What To Expect:
A cruise along Baunei’s coast, visiting various beaches and the famous Grotta del Fico. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling in some of Sardinia’s most beautiful waters and learn about the area’s natural and historical significance.

Book your adventure on the Dinghy tour of Cala Goloritze, Mariolu, Biriala, and Grotta del Fico

Best Diving Destinations in Sardinia

Sardinia, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and rich underwater biodiversity, offers a variety of diving spots that cater to both novices and experienced divers. Here’s an updated guide to the top diving locations on the island, each featuring its own unique attractions.

1. Archipelago di La Maddalena National Park (Northwest Sardinia)

  • Environment: This pristine marine park includes 7 major islands (and more than 60 smaller ones) between Sardinia and Corsica, celebrated for its clear turquoise waters and wind-sculpted landscapes.
  • Highlights: The park offers more than 30 dive sites with shipwrecks, ancient ruins, and colorful reefs, perfect for divers of all levels.

2. Asinara National Park (Northwest Sardinia)

  • Environment: Known as one of Europe’s most stunning national parks, Asinara offers extraordinary scenes both above and below the surface.
  • Highlights: Guided dives, often led by marine biologists, reveal a plethora of rare marine species unique to this area.

3. Capo Carbonara (Southeast Sardinia)

  • Environment: This marine protected area features a varied underwater landscape, including wrecks, tunnels, and vibrant reefs.
  • Highlights: Granite formations create mesmerizing swim-throughs and caves, and the area is frequented by diverse fish species and dolphins.

4. Orosei Gulf (East Sardinia)

  • Environment: Famous for its lush underwater gardens and world-renowned caves, the Orosei Gulf is a top choice for divers.
  • Highlights: Home to famous wrecks like the KT12 and numerous accessible dive sites for all certification levels.

5. San Pietro & Sant’Antioco (West Sardinia)

  • Environment: These lesser-known locations on the west coast offer secluded and peaceful dives.
  • Highlights: Divers can encounter large marine animals such as bluefin tuna, dolphins, and manta rays in this diverse underwater landscape.

6. Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area

  • Environment: Encompassing a vast area, this protected zone boasts a mix of sandy and rocky terrains rich in marine life.
  • Highlights: The area is suitable for divers of all skill levels, offering both easy and challenging dives.

7. Capo Testa (North Sardinia)

  • Environment: Located in the northernmost part of Sardinia, Capo Testa is known for its dramatic rock formations and clear waters.
  • Highlights: Divers can explore underwater columns and ancient Roman ruins, with visibility up to 50 meters in some spots.

8. Nereo Cave (Near Alghero)

  • Environment: This is the largest underwater grotto in the Mediterranean and offers a thrilling dive experience with its intricate maze of tunnels and chambers.
  • Highlights: Home to a rich variety of marine life, the cave is a favorite among technical divers due to its complex structure and depth.

9. Island of Caprera (Part of La Maddalena Archipelago)

  • Environment: Part of the La Maddalena Archipelago, Caprera is surrounded by protected waters and boasts some of the best diving in the region.
  • Highlights: Known for its historical shipwrecks and vibrant marine ecosystems, Caprera offers both shallow and deep dive sites suitable for various skill levels.

These destinations highlight Sardinia’s status as a premier diving location in the Mediterranean, offering a mix of historical intrigue, ecological importance, and unparalleled beauty. Whether you are looking to explore shipwrecks, enjoy colorful reefs, or dive in marine parks, Sardinia provides a rich and varied underwater experience.

Best Times to Dive in Sardinia

The diving season in Sardinia is markedly influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which brings with it varying water temperatures and marine life visibility throughout the year. Understanding these seasonal changes is crucial for planning the optimal diving experience.

Seasonal Water Temperatures and Visibility

  • Spring (March to May): As the water begins to warm up, marine life becomes more active and visible. Water temperatures gradually rise from the cooler winter months, making spring a comfortable time for divers to explore the underwater realms.
  • Summer (June to August): This is the peak diving season in Sardinia due to the warmest water temperatures, often reaching up to 26°C (82°F). The visibility is at its best during these months, sometimes exceeding 50 meters, thanks to the calm and clear waters. This period attracts a diverse array of marine life, making it an excellent time for wildlife encounters.
  • Fall (September to November): The water remains warm enough for comfortable diving, and the decrease in tourist traffic makes the sites less crowded. Visibility remains high, and the marine life continues to thrive, offering a prolonged opportunity for exceptional diving experiences.

Recommendations for the Best Months to Dive

Given the conditions outlined, the best months for diving in Sardinia are typically late spring through early fall. May and June offer the beauty of spring marine life without the peak season crowds. Similarly, September and October provide excellent diving conditions with the added benefit of quieter dive sites and continued good visibility.

Divers should consider these times for the best balance of comfortable water temperatures, abundant marine life, and optimal visibility. Whether interested in exploring vibrant coral reefs or mysterious shipwrecks, Sardinia during these months offers an unparalleled underwater adventure.

Diverse Marine Life in Sardinia

Sardinia’s waters are a sanctuary for an astonishing variety of marine life, making it a magnet for divers interested in encountering a broad spectrum of oceanic creatures. The island’s strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea serves as a bustling marine corridor for migratory species and a permanent home for many others.

Notable Marine Species

  • Dolphins and Whales: These charismatic megafauna are commonly sighted, especially during the warmer months. The chance to swim alongside dolphins or spot whales as they migrate through Sardinian waters is a highlight for many divers.
  • Rays: Including the majestic manta rays and smaller, equally fascinating stingrays, these creatures glide gracefully through the clear waters, often seen by those exploring sandy seabeds and rocky outcrops.

Unique and Elusive Sightings

  • Sunfish: The elusive sunfish, or Mola mola, is a rare treat for divers, typically spotted between March and June. Known for its unusual shape and large size, the sunfish adds a special thrill to any dive.
  • Tuna, Groupers, and Barracudas: These powerful swimmers are not only a spectacle due to their size and speed but also play crucial roles in the marine ecosystem. Their presence indicates the health and vitality of the underwater environment in Sardinia.

Rich Biodiversity

The waters around Sardinia also teem with a variety of other marine fauna:

  • Octopuses, Lobsters, and Squids: These invertebrates provide fascinating encounters with their unique behaviors and often camouflage skills.
  • Moray Eels and Pipefish: Hidden among the crevices and coral gardens, these species offer a glimpse into the complexity of marine life.
  • Basking Sharks: Although sightings are extremely rare and completely harmless to humans, the presence of these gentle giants is a testament to the rich biodiversity and ecological importance of Sardinian waters.

Sardinia’s commitment to marine conservation helps ensure that these waters remain a thriving habitat for diverse species, providing both novice and experienced divers with unforgettable underwater experiences. This biodiversity not only enriches the diving experience but also emphasizes the ecological significance of preserving such vibrant marine ecosystems.

Conservation and Safety in Sardinian Diving

Sardinia’s waters are not only popular for their clear visibility and diverse marine life but are also significant for conservation efforts and safety practices that ensure sustainable and safe diving experiences. Understanding the local conservation initiatives and safety measures can enhance the diving experience, making it more respectful and secure.

Conservation Efforts for Local Marine Life and Habitats

  • Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): Sardinia has several MPAs established to protect and restore marine biodiversity. These areas regulate activities such as fishing, boating, and diving to minimize human impact on delicate ecosystems. For example, the Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo and Capo Carbonara are well-managed MPAs that serve as models for conservation, supporting a resurgence in marine species populations and coral growth.
  • Species Protection: Specific conservation programs focus on protecting endangered species such as the Mediterranean monk seal and various species of sea turtles. These efforts often involve local and international partnerships to ensure effective monitoring and intervention.
  • Environmental Education: Many dive centers in Sardinia offer educational programs that teach divers about the importance of conservation practices. These programs emphasize the role of divers as stewards of the ocean, promoting practices such as proper buoyancy control to avoid damaging underwater flora and adherence to no-touch policies.

Historical Data on Shark Encounters

  • Low Risk of Shark Attacks: The Mediterranean Sea, including the waters around Sardinia, is known for its low risk of shark attacks. Historical data indicate that shark encounters in Sardinia are extremely rare, with no fatal attacks recorded. The species commonly found in these waters, such as the blue shark, are generally not aggressive towards humans unless provoked.
  • Educational Efforts: Dive operators often provide educational briefings on the local marine life, including sharks. These briefings aim to dispel myths and reduce the irrational fear of sharks, promoting respectful and cautious interactions with all marine creatures.
  • Research and Monitoring: Ongoing research and monitoring efforts help track shark populations and behavior in the Mediterranean. This information is crucial for ensuring informed and updated safety practices and for maintaining a balanced approach to human and predator interactions in Sardinian waters.

These conservation and safety initiatives demonstrate Sardinia’s commitment to maintaining a safe and sustainable diving environment. By supporting these efforts, divers contribute to the preservation of one of the Mediterranean’s most cherished underwater destinations.

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